“To DNA or Not DNA That is the Question”

“To DNA or not DNA that is the question”   As a keen amateur genealogist, you can’t fail to have noticed the explosion in recent years of DNA testing and its surge in popularity amongst family historians. The question is though, “is it for you?” What are the benefits to you in your research?  … Continue reading “To DNA or Not DNA That is the Question”

DNA The Next Step (5)

So in my last blog we established that I am about as “British” as you can get at 86% British! So what do I do next to interpret my results? Ancestry has come up with literally hundreds of matches, too many to comprehend and deal with, so how do I approach this in a co-ordinated… Continue reading DNA The Next Step (5)

3rd Battle of Ypres – Passchendaele

Harry Joseph Keyes was born in 1891, in Grays, Essex, the seventh of the eight children born to Joseph Keyes and Elizabeth Keyes (nee Bishop). When Harry Joseph Keyes was born, his father, Joseph, was 39 and his mother, Elizabeth, was 38. He had three brothers and four sisters. Young Harry sadly lost his life,… Continue reading 3rd Battle of Ypres – Passchendaele

Making a Difference

    A blog that is truly influenced and inspired by the blogs that I have been reading recently by the blogger No Light Without Darkness. https://nolightwithoutdarkness.com/2017/12/20/the-ups-and-downs-of-recovery/amp/?__twitter_impression=true A lesson to each and everyone of us to never under estimate the difference we can all make in another person’s life each and every day. Of course… Continue reading Making a Difference

My Family Reunion thanks to #Ancestryhour

  Recently I was fortunate enough to meet up with some long lost family members and reconnect with my Daniels ancestors from Dublin. This part of my family has been my “Brick wall” for a long, long time.   Thanks to the kind help of my friends on, #Ancestry Hour on Twitter, with a special  mention… Continue reading My Family Reunion thanks to #Ancestryhour

My DNA Results are in!! (4)

  My DNA results are in!! Could I be anymore British if I tried! 86% British, with a large percentage of that Southern England, the Southern England part is hardly surprising. What does surprise me and is somewhat disappointing,  is the very low percentage of results for Italy and Ireland, given my supposed connections to… Continue reading My DNA Results are in!! (4)

The DNA Test Itself (3)

So the big day is here, my Ancestry DNA kit has arrived!! To be fair, the kit arrived only a few days after ordering it from Ancestry and considering the amount of orders that Ancestry fulfilled in their pre-Christmas order, I was impressed with the speed of delivery. First things first and very important, you… Continue reading The DNA Test Itself (3)