Choosing a DNA test (2)

  So if you are reading blog number 2 you are either contemplating joining the DNA revolution or you are at least half way there and have already taken your test. So how did I decide which test to take myself? In a rather ironic twist, considering this is a very scientific field, there was… Continue reading Choosing a DNA test (2)

DNA Testing – The Revolution (1)

Over the next few weeks and months I hope to post a regular blog on my personal DNA experience, from a complete novice perspective. From the choosing of what type of DNA test to take, to the test itself, then following on with the results, how to interpret them and literally what to do with… Continue reading DNA Testing – The Revolution (1)

What’s your Genealogy goals for 2018?

Have you set yourself targets or goals for your family history research for 2018? If not, now is the ideal time to review your work, review what you have already achieved and set yourself some new targets and goals for the next twelve months. I always like the idea of goals or targets, it keeps… Continue reading What’s your Genealogy goals for 2018?

“Twas the Night Before Christmas”

By Clement Clarke Moore ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there; What does Christmas mean to you and your family? Happy times? Sad times? Fond… Continue reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas”

Is the Photograph finally dead?

Is pouring over the family album going to be a thing of the past for future generations? There is nothing I like more than looking back at old family photos, whether they are my own and my immediate family, or pictures from my ancestors from generations ago. Even my own children still love looking at… Continue reading Is the Photograph finally dead?

When is a Father a Father?

This is probably the most difficult topic that I have written a blog about, because of the naturally sensitive nature of the subject matter and how it can, and will impact on people’s lives.   So when is a Father actually a father?   As genealogists we strive to prove family connections and bonds and… Continue reading When is a Father a Father?

“Use it or Lose it”

  With “Explore your Archive” week almost upon us, I thought it would be timely to reflect on the benefits of the archive offices and record offices, up and down the country and the wonderful services that they provide. My title for this blog is very apt, “use it or lose it”. With pressure on… Continue reading “Use it or Lose it”